What should I do before I arrive at the clinic?

It’s always best to eat before your appointment. Bring snacks if your treatment will last several hours. A refrigerator and microwave are available for your use. Bring a blanket and pillow.

What can I expect when I arrive?

Check-in at the front desk. You will be directed to the Infusion area where you will be accompanied to a private room for treatment. A nurse will measure your vital signs and weight, explain the procedure, and answer your questions. Once you are comfortable, your treatment will begin according to your physician’s orders.

Should I take my regular medications?

Check with your physician first, but you should probably continue with your regular medications, including any for pain control. Bring your medications (or a list) so the nurse can enter the relevant information on your chart.

Can visitors or family members accompany me?

We encourage friends and family members to accompany you, especially on your first visit, to provide support or to ask additional questions. It’s important that you feel comfortable about your treatment. As a consideration to other patients, we ask that you not bring small children, especially if you are scheduled for a lengthy treatment. Due to limited seating, please limit visitors to one or two.