Weight loss surgery is the start of a new life according to our philosophy. Obesity keeps you from what you enjoy. No matter where you are in terms of personal milestones—starting a family, prevailing in your career or enjoying retirement—bariatric surgery can enhance quality of life.

Bariatric surgery has proven successful for decades, and for many, the benefits far offset the risks. It is important to select a surgeon with experience in all specialized procedures to find what is best for you. Our team, comprised of experienced surgeons, are esteemed practitioners who are recognized for their accomplishments in the field of bariatrics.

You should consider your lifestyle, health and existing conditions when deciding on bariatric surgery. Together, we can carefully evaluate circumstances to determine an option. Read our patient testimonials for the first-hand insights of people, from a variety of backgrounds, who decided surgery was right for them.

Success rate, insurance qualification, surgery eligibility and payment are important when making a decision. Given the complexity of these factors, we should discuss the options together. Call (936) 266-3144 to sign up for an informational seminar. By taking the initial step you are moving closer towards a life without limits.

Yong Choi, MD

Dr. Yong Choi joined CHI St. Luke’s Health–The Woodlands Hospital as a minimally invasive surgeon. He brings with him decades of expertise to help patients in life-changing ways.

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