Prior to Gamma Knife® treatment, your physician will discuss the procedure’s four steps:

  1. A lightweight frame stabilizes your head during imaging and treatment. A local anesthetic is applied where the frame will be attached. Attaching the frame takes about 15 minutes.
  2. After an imaging procedure, your images are transferred to a sophisticated treatment planning computer where the location, size, and shape of the treatment area are precisely defined. Once the images are recorded, you can rest, read, or watch TV. 
  3. Physician specialists produce a three-dimensional treatment plan tailored to your condition. Before beginning treatment, the physician will discuss the rest of the procedure with you.
  4. Treatment is silent and painless. Throughout the procedure, you will be awake and able to communicate through an audio-visual connection. Once the procedure is completed, the frame will be removed.

The procedure requires no incisions, which reduces the risk of complications. Side effects and discomfort are minimal. Some patients experience a mild headache or minor swelling where the frame is attached, but most report no problems. You will return home the same day and return to your daily routine within one or two days after treatment.

The physician will stay in contact with you for periodic follow-ups and consultations.