Thinking of having a total joint replacement? CHI St. Luke’s Health - Lakeside Hospital offers Total Joint Camp for patients having their replacement surgery at our facility in The Woodlands, Texas. Total Joint Camp is an interactive ‘Prehab’ program offered in a group setting, designed to prepare patients and their family members or caregivers for the surgery. It is part of a comprehensive treatment plan for orthopedic surgery patients.

Once you and your physician have scheduled your joint replacement surgery at CHI St. Luke’s Health - Lakeside Hospital, you can sign up for Total Joint Camp. It is recommended that you schedule your class at least one week prior to your surgery. Reservations are required.

Call 936-266-9001 to reserve a spot.

Benefits of Total Joint Camp
Our Total Joint Camp offers a comprehensive education program help to reduce anxiety and improve outcomes for total hip and knee replacement patients:

  • Clear explanations of what to expect before, during and after surgery.
  • Preparation for patient and family by allowing ample time to ask questions for a more thorough understanding.
  • Clarification of expectations by reviewing all aspects of the procedure, including preparation, recovery and pain management.
  • Opportunity to know hospital staff and become familiar with our facility prior to the day of surgery.

The overall goal of Total Joint Camp is to educate patients on how to be participating and more confident partners in their own recovery. Patients attending Total Joint Camp before their hospital stay are more likely to recover better and resume normal daily activities at a quicker pace.

Why Choose CHI St. Luke’s Health - Lakeside Hospital for Total Joint Replacement Surgery?
A major area of orthopedic surgical expertise at CHI St. Luke’s Health - Lakeside Hospital is total joint replacement, with experienced, board certified orthopedic surgeons who lead the total joint replacement program.

Total joint replacement surgery is an elective procedure that has become much more common in recent years. It is a significant and life altering surgery. Patients committed to having a joint replacement procedure have made the decision to improve their mobility and return to the active and independent lifestyles they once knew.

Total Joint Camp is located inside CHI St. Luke’s Health - Lakeside Hospital next to Lake Wimberly, which is in The Woodlands, on the same campus as CHI St. Luke’s Health - The Woodlands Hospital (I-45 and 242).