Before you are admitted, St. Luke's Patient Access Services Office will contact you at home to obtain information about you and filing your insurance claim. You will also discuss the estimated portion of your bill that will be your responsibility. If someone has not contacted you within two days of your procedure, please call Patient Access Services at 832-355-8177.

An Important Tip: Pre-certify with Your Insurance Company
Many insurance companies list special instructions on the card about pre-certification or prior authorization for services. That means you are required to contact the company before you're admitted to the hospital (even for an emergency admission) and before you register for any other hospital services.

Check your card. If it shows that you must call your insurance company for authorization, please make sure that you or a member of your family phones the company without delay. (Usually you must do so within 24 hours of your registration.)

Pre-Admission Process
Pre-admission registration operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be advised that the time spent in pre-admission testing will be longer if you have not completed pre-certification with your insurance company and pre-registration. The pre-admission process includes setting up your account and obtaining insurance information; conducting a nursing interview and assessment; and performing any testing, such as lab and EKG. View our Controlling Your Pain After Surgery flyer.

St. Luke's Pre-Admission Testing Center
On the day of your pre-admission visit, please come to The O'Quinn Medical Tower at St. Luke's (6624 Fannin Street). Please bring your parking garage ticket with you and give it to the receptionist to receive a $3 discount parking voucher.

Pre-Admission Testing Center - Suite 1280
You may pre-admit anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday). Take the elevators located on the 1stfloor (near the security desk) to the 12thfloor of The O'Quinn Medical Tower and enter suite 1280, where the Pre-Admission Testing Center is located.

You can download and print maps and instructions for patients with an appointment at The O'Quinn Medical Tower Endoscopy & Ambulatory Surgery Center.

What to bring
No special preparations are needed for preadmission testing, but please bring the following:

  1. Current insurance card and information and any co-pay that may be required
  2. Physician orders, surgical consent form, medical history and physical form and/or testing results, such as EKG, clearance or lab results
  3. A list of your allergies, and/or current medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs
  4. A copy of your Advance Directive/Living Will

Know the name of the procedure/surgery for which you are scheduled and have a basic understanding of the procedure and an explanation of any risks involved. Also know your medical history.

On the day of your surgery

  • Please arrive at The O'Quinn Medical Tower at the appointed time. Take the elevator near the Security desk and go to the 9th floor. Note: The Endoscopy and Ambulatory Surgery Center opens at 6:00 a.m.

  • Check in with the receptionist at the desk in the waiting area.

  • Please bring your current insurance cards and any papers your doctor has given you.

  • If you have not already paid, you will be asked to pay a deposit before you are admitted. St. Luke's accepts cash, checks, or major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).