Palliative Care is medical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual care focused on relieving symptoms associated with a serious illness. The primary goal is to relieve suffering and help patients and family members achieve the best quality of life, providing an extra layer of support during a difficult time.

Supportive and Palliative Care is not hospice care. It is appropriate for any stage of a serious illness. Hospice care is specifically for those approaching the last stages of life. However, we do provide hospice education and assistance when needed.

Our team works closely with your primary physician and other consultants to provide:

  • Expert treatment of distressing symptoms, including pain, anxiety, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, and difficulty sleeping
  • Assistance in understanding your medical condition and guidance with difficult treatment decisions
  • Help with your ability to tolerate medical treatment and continue daily activities
  • Patient-centered care, focused on advocating for you and your values
  • Support with advanced care planning so your wishes are made known to your loved ones and healthcare team

Ask your physician or nurse for a referral, or call 832-355-2628.