At CHI St. Luke’s Health, comprehensive rehabilitation programs, tailored to a patient’s individual needs, are part of the continuum of care that helps patients return to their daily activities. These services are especially helpful to patients who have joint replacement, stroke, cardiac and pulmonary conditions, amputation, or neurological disorders.

Inpatient rehabilitation is a vital link between acute care and discharge to home or transitional care. Our multidisciplinary team designs individualized care plans that include education for patients and family members.

Rehabilitation services include:

  • Physical therapy to restore movement and strength
  • Occupational therapy to address activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing
  • Speech therapy to correct speech and swallowing problems
  • Therapeutic recreation to identify activities patients enjoy, such as gardening and crafts

CHI St. Luke’s Health also offers extensive outpatient rehabilitation programs.

For more information about rehabilitation programs in your area, select from these locations: