At 33 years of age, Rahsaan Reid was at the top of his game. He worked out every day, had a good job, a beautiful wife and coached his two young sons' athletic teams. But his world changed suddenly when he found out he had a rare, progressive disease called Alport Syndrome that would soon lead to kidney failure.

Rahsaan began dialysis, and struggled to continue his active lifestyle. He also began researching the possibility of a transplant and found CHI St. Luke's Health Cooley Transplant Center. After meeting with the team there, he was put on the national organ donor wait list. Through the three and a half years he waited for an organ donor match, the CHI St. Luke's Health team kept his hopes alive. Finally, he got the call.

Rahsaan smiles as he talks about his surgery. "The last thing I remember before going into surgery is that the team was singing "Happy Birthday" to me, because it was like I was getting an entirely new life."

During his post-op recovery, Rahsaan says he learned the true meaning of CHI St. Luke's Health Faithful, Loving Care®. "Every time I woke up, I would see the reassuring face of either my transplant surgeon, nephrologist or nurse standing right there at my bedside. I could feel how much they cared."

Today, Rahsaan enjoys his family and active lifestyle more than ever. He is back to working out regularly and coaching his sons in soccer, baseball and football. He regularly shares words of encouragement with dialysis patients and takes every opportunity to educate others on the importance of organ donation. He expresses his heartfelt gratitude as he explains "My kidneys gave up, but CHI St. Luke's Health never did."