Norma is the 2018 Better Trotter Award for Nursing Excellence recipient. As a palliative care nurse, Norma Puente cares for patients and families coping with the trauma of terminal and chronic illnesses.

Norma began her nursing career in oncology, which prepared her for the challenges of palliative care. Before she was a nurse, she was a clerk struggling to make ends meet and eager to pursue a college degree. She yearned for a career that would give her stability, flexibility and the earning power to support herself – something she didn’t see while growing up. Norma was working for another organization and trying to earn her degree, but the less-than-accommodating environment led her to Baylor St. Luke’s, where she found the encouragement she needed. She earned her BSN in May 2001 with the help of a Friends of Nursing Fellowship and then her master’s degree in May 2008.
Norma has been a part of the Baylor St. Luke’s family for nearly 23 years and is committed to her patients and her teammates. Most of all, she is grateful for the doors Friends of Nursing opened nearly 20 years ago when she received her fellowship.
“It was a wonderful opportunity,” she says. “Without that help I just don’t think I would have been able to accomplish all that I’ve done. I am proud of how I have evolved and will continue to remain deeply commitment to this institution, to my co-workers, patients, and their families.”