At CHI St. Luke’s Health in Houston, TX, we give every team member the opportunity to play an important role in ushering in a new era of medical history while pursuing a rewarding, fulfilling career.

You have the opportunity to join a team at an institution that performed the first artificial heart transplant in the world, and has implanted over 1,000 LVADs. 

With ANCC recognized hospitals, a four time Magnet recognized Academic Hospital and a team that has made great strides in advancing health care over the past 60 years, CHI St. Luke’s Health offers a supportive environment that promotes the ambitions of our caregivers.

At CHI St. Luke's Health we are always looking for Nursing leaders to help us fulfill our mission and lead teams who provide exemplary care to our patients and their families. 

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Requirements for  Nursing leadership positions include:

BSN with 3 years of clinical leadership

BSN with 3 years of clinical leadership/management; MSN/Master’s preferred

BSN with 5 years of clinical leadership preferred; MSN/Master’s preferred

Why Choose CHI St. Luke's Health

Nursing leadership roles at CHI St. Luke's Health offer opportunities to grow professionally at work and personally in everyday life. See how being a leader has impacted the lives of our team members.

To be a leader at CHI St. Luke's Health means that I have the opportunity to ‘be God’s holy presence’ to others—patients/families/staff/physicians/and visitors, offering comfort, guidance, support and sometimes just a shoulder to lean on. What we do here at CHI St. Luke's Health and in healthcare in general is like no other vocation on this journey that we call life, and to that end a quote from Emily Dickenson resonates: 'If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain'. Director with over 40 years of service

Nursing leadership is the art of instilling the feeling of value for the individual while promoting a deep sense of ethics and appropriateness for every action taken. Leaders promote the power of nursing not only with the technical medical aspects of nursing but also the powerful effects of a touch, a kind smile and every act of caring through which a nurse has the potential to turn a patient’s life around. It is this mission of caring that drives a nursing leader to bring about the best. Nursing Manager with over 10 years of service

For me, Leadership at BSLMC means to live my faith and beliefs in my daily interactions with our patients and team members - especially the belief that each person has the touch of the divine in them. This belief is also a foundation for the pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. Nursing Manager with over 13 years of service