Nadine Vanterpool has been working for CHI St. Luke's Health for 21 years. In all that time, she has made many friends. She didn't realize the depth of those friendships until they were put to the test.

Nadine was having some female problems and went in to her OBGYN for an exam. They immediately found a lump in her breast and took a biopsy. By the time she got back to her office at St. Luke's, her doctor called her with the news. She had breast cancer and she was told that she would need to get with a surgeon right away. Her first thought was about work. She didn't see how she was going to be able to take time off for surgery but her doctor said, "Right now, it's all about you".

"When I came home and told my mom, she threw the piece of paper with the diagnosis at me and told me it couldn't be true. I certainly didn't have breast cancer."

They removed 13 lymphnodes.

Chemotherapy started on April 24 2009 with the last treatment being on May 20, 2010. "To my delight and surprise, my co-workers threw me a surprise party to celebrate making it through 1 year of treatment. With the support of my biological family and my work family, I MADE IT!"