S.O.D.A.S (Situations, Options, Disadvantages, Advantages, Solutions) is an evidence based decision making model. CHI St. Luke's The Woodlands has received a grant from CHI National for Violence Prevention. A committee was formed in The Woodlands to educate and empower youth throughout the area about decision making and preventing violence. With the help of Montgomery County Women's Center, S.O.D.A.S will be taught to teens, age 14-18, throughout The Woodlands area to improve knowledge of the model and help young adults make better decisions.

  • S.O.D.A.S. is a decision making model that empowers youth to make healthier choices when faced with violent experiences.
  • The S.O.D.A.S. method can be used in many ways to strengthen decision making skills and create positive outcomes.
  • The goal of S.O.D.A.S. is to reduce relational violence amongst teens between the ages of 14 and 18.
  • Topics discussed will incorporate a variety of life situations that today’s teens face.