For Visitors

CHI St. Luke’s Health–Springwoods Village Hospital welcomes visitors 24/7.

One visitor is allowed to stay overnight in non-critical areas if the patient agrees. Waiting areas are not intended for overnight stays.

For the convenience of our patients, we offer free parking.

Visitors are important members of our patients’ healthcare team. We ask visitors to follow these important rules.

  • Wash your hands before entering and leaving the patient’s room.
  • Ask before bringing flowers, perfumes, food/drink, balloons etc. that may trigger allergies or disrupt other patients.
  • Observe all “No Visitors,” “Isolation,” and other signage.
  • Respect the need for a quiet, healing environment.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Do not share patient items such as dishes and towels.

Do NOT bring these items onto hospital premises:

  • Furnishings
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-prescribed narcotics or illegal substances
  • Firearms, explosives, illegal knives, other prohibited weapons
  • Visitation will be prohibited for the following reasons:
  • Interference with patient care
  • Infection control issues
  • Court orders restricting contact
  • Disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior
  • Patient’s need for rest or visitor restriction