Labor & Delivery

Our Pregnancy & Childbirth Services

Every patient is unique and deserves care that reflects their needs during and after the labor and birth of their child. Whether you are a new mother or adding another child to your family, our patient care team is dedicated to providing care that aligns with your values, beliefs, and customs. Our experienced nurses are specialized in high touch labor, high risk labor and can offer you a variety of options to help you through labor.  All of our birthing suites have birthing balls, squat bars and with the Monica Healthcare Novii Wireless Patch System (, a cable-free fetal monitoring device a you can move around freely instead of being confined to a bed. Epidural and medicinal options are also available.

During your postpartum period, we allow and encourage one adult to stay with you overnight. Supported by research, we promote rooming-in with your infant – also known as couplet care – allowing for increased bonding between parents and infant, but a respite nursery is available on parental request.

Benefits to Family-Centered Maternity Care  
• Family bonding is promoted
• Better communication with health care team and parents
• More confidence through better education
• Peace of mind having your baby by your side
• Breastfeeding is easier and likely to be more successful
• Your baby will cry less and will be more stable at your side
• No special moments are missed