Heart Transplant Facts

A Notice About the Program

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center has reactivated the heart transplant surgery program after voluntarily placing it on a 14-day inactive status. The reactivation allows medical teams to accept donor hearts for transplant.

We are confident that the program is ready to move forward and serve the critically ill patients and their families who have placed their trust in us. During the temporary pause, the hospital completed medical reviews of two recent mortalities, reorganized the transplant surgery team, and instituted improvements designed to strengthen the program.

The hospital took the following steps:

  • Completed a medical review of two recent patient deaths that did not identify systemic issues related to the quality of the program;
  • Expanded the heart transplant team role of co-chief of adult cardiac surgery Dr. Gabriel Loor, who specializes in cardiothoracic transplants;
  • Refined the criteria for the patient selection process; and
  • Reorganized the multidisciplinary approach to patient care.



A special transplant committee, authorized by the Baylor St. Luke’s Board of Directors, has already started to explore additional processes and changes that could further improve the heart transplant program. Their work will continue into next year. They will also work to ensure that the hospital effectively and transparently communicates with patients and their families.

The hospital is notifying all transplant patients of the reactivation. More than 60 patients are currently qualified on Baylor St. Luke’s candidate list awaiting donor hearts for transplant.