The Cardiopulmonary Department at CHI St. Luke’s HealthPatients Medical Center educates the patient, family and public. The Cardiopulmonary Department is responsible for providing services to both inpatients and outpatients upon a physician order.  The Cardiopulmonary Department services include: 

  • Cardio-diagnostics
  • Pulmonary diagnostics
  • Respiratory Care Therapy for Acute Respiratory Failure or Acute Respiratory Distress secondary to any disease process

Cardiac Catheterization Lab and Interventional Radiology Lab

Procedures in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab  and Interventional Radiology Lab are used for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease blockage in the peripheral vascular system. An Interventional Radiologist is available to perform specialized radiological procedures. Cardiovascular specialists use angioplasty, permanent pacemaker insertions, peripheral angiograms, and stents to treat narrowed or blocked arteries.

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