Taking Medications? You May Need to Avoid These Foods

Food-medication interactions can impact the body in various ways. Mixing certain foods or beverages with your medication can interfere with how your medication is digested or absorbed, block its breakdown, or exaggerate its effects. These interactions can occur when using prescription medication,...

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The Science Behind HIIT Workouts

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a workout that alternates between intense anaerobic exercise and low-intensity intervals or complete rest. As a workout of high intensity, it doesn’t require much time to complete and is a great way to integrate exercise into your daily routine. Short...

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Dry & Secondary Drowning: What Parents Need to Know

Many parents believe their children aren’t at risk for drowning once they get out of the water. However, incidents of dry and secondary drowning have happened and usually occur in young children. Know the facts to keep your kids safe in and out of the water. What is dry and secondary drowning?...

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3 Levels of Heat-Related Illness

While spending time outside is a great way to get fresh air and exercise, spending too much time in sweltering heat without relief can be dangerous. Prolonged exposure to heat can lead to heat-related illnesses like mild heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or severe heat stroke. Each level of illness...

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The Difference Between “Baby Blues” and Postpartum Depression

No matter how you delivered your baby—vaginal, natural, Cesarean, or VBAC—recovering after birth can be both physically and emotionally challenging. It’s normal to feel a mix of exhaustion, irritability, sadness, and anxiety during the first couple weeks after childbirth. But how do you know if you...

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Men, Don't Miss out on These Screenings

Men, when was the last time you went in for a routine check up? Men tend to put off going to the doctor until an emergency situation arises. Take a proactive approach to your health—don’t miss the following recommended screenings. 1. Cholesterol High cholesterol increases your risk for heart...

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5 Important Cancer Screenings

Cancer screenings identify cancer before symptoms develop. Detecting cancer early may make it easier to treat. Though a variety of tests are used to scan for different types of cancer, certain screenings have been shown to lower the chance of dying from the disease. Other tests may find cancer, but...

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Migraines vs. Tension Headaches

Dealing with pain or pressure in your head or face? You may be suffering from a headache. When experiencing head pain, tuning into the location and intensity of the pain can help you distinguish what type of headache it is. Knowing whether you have a tension headache or migraine headache will help...

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Osteoporosis: Should You Get Tested?

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that weakens bones, increasing the risk of fractures. Fifty percent of women and 25 percent of men over age 50 will fracture a bone due to this common condition. Are you at risk? Risk Factors for Osteoporosis The following factors impact your risk of osteoporosis...

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5 Classes to Take to Prepare for Baby

You’re going to have a baby! As your due date approaches, you may be feeling a mix of emotions, ranging from excitement to nervousness. Ease your concerns and gain confidence with resources right in your neighborhood. Take advantage of a variety of classes to prepare for the arrival of your newborn...