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A woman stops exercising to catch her breath

Could You Have an Iron Deficiency?

Jul 29, 2019

Iron is a mineral that’s necessary for the creation of red blood cells, which are vital for everyday bodily processes, including transporting oxygen to your organs. Therefore, it’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of iron deficiency and what to do if you suspect you lack this...

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Diet & Fitness
A bowl full of chicken, avocado, chickpeas, and other healthy ingredients sits on a counter

How to Build a Balanced Buddha Bowl

Jul 15, 2019

Buddha bowls, bright combinations of artfully positioned food popping up all over social media, are gaining fans for a reason. Not only are these meals visually stunning, but they can also contain a bevy of macro and micronutrients and make meal prepping a breeze. The trick to achieving a healthy—...

Diet & Fitness
General Health & Wellness
A mom holds her baby close

4 Ways Nursing Mothers Can Increase Their Breast Milk Supply

Jul 12, 2019

Breastfeeding can be a great way to nurture and bond with your child, but it can come with difficulties. Your little one might not feed quite as long as you think they should or become fussy after they’ve finished, leading you to question whether they’re getting enough nourishment. While these aren...

Women's Health
A young man pauses his run to drink water

Could You Have an Electrolyte Imbalance?

Jul 12, 2019

When walking down the sports drink aisle at the grocery store, you’ve probably seen labels claiming to offer “electrolyte replenishment,” but what does that actually mean? And do you really need to drink one of those brightly colored bottles after a workout? Why Are Electrolytes Important? ...

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A doctor sits with a young boy during a sports physical

Fielding Questions: What You Need to Know About Sports Physicals

Jul 10, 2019

As your child gets ready to score goals or set records in the upcoming sports season, you might wonder what you can do to keep them safe. Turns out, taking that first step can be surprisingly simple. Scheduling a sports physical allows your doctor to identify any potential risks and find solutions...

Children's Health
Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
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An older man grips his knee in pain

Is Joint Replacement Surgery Right for You?

Jul 08, 2019

Severe joint pain is one of the most common reasons for someone to seek out joint replacement surgery. This procedure can help a variety of people, including those with arthritis, a previous traumatic injury, a degenerative disease, a developmental condition (such as hip dysplasia), and even...

Bone & Joint Health
Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Healthy Aging
A woman smiles as she touches her clear skin

5 Ways to See Your Skin Without Psoriasis

Jul 03, 2019

Do you experience itchy patches of skin? You might have psoriasis, a noncontagious condition that causes a buildup of skin cells on select areas of the body. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone—millions of Americans deal with psoriasis. The good news: with a few lifestyle changes, you can be...

General Health & Wellness
A woman jogs in place in front of a set of stairs

The Ultimate Warmup & Stretching Circuit for Runners

Jun 27, 2019

Running can be a great way to incorporate cardio into your routine and pump some stress-reducing endorphins into your system. However, if not done properly, this exercise can pose a risk of injury. This is where warming up comes in. With the right moves to help you prep, reaching your goals won’t...

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Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
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A couple embrace lovingly in their kitchen

Weight Loss Surgery: Myths & Facts

Jun 24, 2019

Are you considering bariatric surgery to aid in your weight loss goals? Bariatric surgery can be a great option for those concerned about the impact of excess weight on their health, but many myths about these procedures may make you question if it’s the right option for you. We’re separating fact...

Diet & Fitness
Weight Loss
A pregnant woman sits and speaks with her doctor

Expectant Mothers, Protect Against Group B Strep

Jun 21, 2019

Group B Strep, or GBS, is a type of bacteria that can live in various places throughout the body, including the urinary, digestive, and reproductive tracts. It usually does not cause major issues in healthy adults; however, pregnant women who test positive can be at risk of passing it to their...

Women's Health