A doctor gently touches a woman's neck so she can feel the thyroid glands

The Scarless Approach to Thyroid Surgery

As research continues to lead to groundbreaking medical advancements, surgeries become less invasive and recovery times decrease. Such is true for thyroidectomies and parathyroidectomies, surgeries to remove part or all of the thyroid or parathyroid glands, respectively. The transoral vestibular...

A doctor uses an electroencephalogram to track electrical activity in a girl's brain

Is Medication the Only Treatment Option for Epilepsy?

When doctors consider treatment for epilepsy, they review the patient’s health history and needs to find the right medication. However, some prescriptions can result in undesirable side effects or be less effective than expected. In the past, traditional surgery was one of the only alternative...


Your Stem Cells Could Save Your Life

Researchers have for the first time highlighted the natural regenerative capacity of a group of stem cells that reside in the heart. Research shows that if the stem cells are eliminated, the heart is unable to repair after damage. If the cardiac stem cells are replaced the heart repairs itself,...

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Growing Ghost Hearts

With more than five million Americans living with heart failure, a shortage of donor hearts, and thousands of people dying each year while awaiting a heart transplant, there is an urgent need for a discovery in cardiovascular research that will give heart patients greater hope. Dr. Doris Taylor and...

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The Heart of a Champion: Aortic Repair

 Dr. Joseph Coselli and his team are using advanced techniques to fight heart disease in the 21st century and beyond. Dr. Coselli is an innovator and a leader in his field and he is highly experienced in complex aortic repair, such as repair performed in patients with connective tissue disorders (...

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Coffeemaker or Heart-Lung Machine?

In the early ‘50s, after he had graduated from the University of Texas in 1941 with highest honors, earned his medical degree in 1944 from Johns Hopkins and completed surgical training, Denton A. Cooley, MD, adapted a coffee percolator into a blood oxygenator as part of what would become the heart-...

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The Life-Saving, Life-Changing Heart

In 1969, while still a medical student, Dr. O.H. “Bud” Frazier, MD, found himself massaging the heart of a young man, keeping him alive, albeit briefly. This experience fueled his passion for discovering new ways to save more lives through cardiovascular innovation. Dr. Frazier had been working on...

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How Adult Stem Cell Treatment Works

Many heart attacks are caused when a complete blockage of a heart vessel prevents oxygen-rich blood and nutrients from reaching a section of the heart. If blood cannot reach the heart muscle, it will die. Over time, the condition worsens and weakens the heart. Researchers in the Stem Cell Center at...

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Studying Women’s Cardiovascular Health

Historically, women represent less than 25 percent of cardiovascular research subjects, yet heart disease kills more women than men claiming the life of approximately one woman every minute. Due to this historic under-representation in research, less is known about cardiovascular disease in women...

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At the Front Lines of Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease accounts for a quarter of all deaths in the United States each year, more than the next five causes of death combined. Since 1962, Texas Heart® Institute (THI) at CHI St. Luke’s Health–Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center has been on the  frontlines in the battle to end it by...

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