For Health Professionals

Infectious Disease Pharmacy Fellowship

Hannah Palmer Russo, PharmD
Director, Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Fellowship
Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center
Department of Pharmacy 
6720 Bertner Avenue  (MC 2-230)
Houston, TX  77030

P:  (832) 355-5631
F:  (832) 355-4794



The following documents are necessary to be submitted to the Program Director as part of a complete application for the Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Fellowship.  The deadline for application is January 4, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

  1. Cover Letter -- please provide a cover letter for your application materials which addresses a) your short and long term career goals, b) your thoughts on how an Infectious Diseases Fellowship will help you to achieve these goals, c) why you feel that an ID fellowship is now the best career path for you, and d) any information about yourself and your candidacy which may not be apparent on other documents.
  2. A copy of your CV or Resume.
  3. Most recent College of Pharmacy and/or Graduate School transcript(s). This is waived if you are more than five years post-graduation.  The transcript can be an unofficial copy. 
  4. Letters of Recommendation - Three letters of recommendation and the ASHP-developed recommendation form are required. If you are within three years post-graduation, one should be from a faculty member, specifically from a clinical rotation preceptor, one from your pharmacy practice residency program director, and one from an employer or from someone outside the profession. If you are more than three years post-graduation, one should be from an employer/supervisor, one from your pharmacy practice residency program director, and one from someone outside your employment.  A faculty person can still be used if an ongoing relationship has been maintained.  No set format is required for the letters; they need to address your potential for success in the residency program.  Residency Applicant Recommendation Form
  5. A passport size photo (pdf) required to be submitted after offer to interview is accepted.  

An on-site interview is considered very important and required for a complete application. The on-site interview is a full day and will include your presenting a twenty-minute in-service on an infectious diseases topic of your choice to a group of pharmacists. You will interview with University of Houston College of Pharmacy Faculty Members, Clinical Coordinators, Pharmacy Executives as well as Fellows and Residents. Financial assistance for the on-site interview is not available, but we will work with you in any way we can to reduce expenses.