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For Health Professionals

Administrative Fellowship Program

The year-long Administrative Fellowship program at CHI St. Luke's Health will expose selected fellows to the unique experience and challenges of managing a complex and diverse health system. Fellows will be expected to take on a broad spectrum of responsibilities and projects while being exposed to strategic issues affecting the organization and the industry. Fellows will work directly with Senior Executives of the System and its network of hospitals, community emergency centers and clinics.

The Administrative Fellowship program is project-based and tailored to meet the individual fellow’s professional interests as well as serve the operational and strategic goals of CHI St. Luke’s Health. The Administrative Fellowship program offers participants an opportunity to learn about the System’s organizational structure, the mission and vision of CHI St. Luke’s Health.

Candidate selection is based on the application, each individual’s professional interests and career goals, and CHI St. Luke's Health current and projected needs.



Fellow Perspectives

“The administrative fellowship at CHI St. Luke’s Health is a unique formative experience. From a fellow’s perspective you have the opportunity to observe and learn from executive leadership at hospital, division and national level and understand the impact of strategic decision-making locally at the front lines of patient care. The organization emphasizes meaningful project work under the guidance of engaged and supportive leadership. I could not have imagined a better learning experience for my own personal and professional development.”
– Lanie Crow, 2016-2017


“The administrative fellowship program at CHI St. Luke’s is unparalleled. It provides an autonomous experience and exposure to any unique and specific interest area within a complex organization. The fellowship has enough structure that also allows full flexibility in how facility rotations and leadership rounds are conducted. Even when I was interviewing at CHI St. Luke’s, I was confident that it would a once in a lifetime prestigious experience in my career. Just a few days into the program, I learned that the organization’s leaders viewed my work as they would from a member of their own senior leadership team. This fact impacted me and my career as it made me a much more empowered individual. It is a full year to discover or further develop your unique leadership style to prepare you for the real world.”
– Leidy Vicuna, 2015-2016


“The CHI St. Luke’s Health fellowship was a great way to start my career in healthcare administration. During my fellowship I worked alongside executives, learning their leadership styles and developing my own leadership values. Our fellowship provides the unique experience of learning from the top senior leadership of a health system that has both local Texas and CHI national responsibilities.”
– Fiona Lowry, 2014-2015


“They say everything is bigger in Texas, and our administrative fellowship lives up to the billing. There is so much to explore within the 22,000 square miles in the CHI Texas Division as an administrative fellow. We have 17 hospitals, dozens of outpatient sites, and hundreds of clinics and other care sites at your fingertips. In fact, if the CHI Texas Division were a state, it would rank right behind West Virginia in terms of size. It’s an enormous variety of healthcare settings that you can explore as an administrative fellow.”
– Eric Ransom, 2014-2015


“The CHI St. Luke’s Health Fellowship Program has been the most formative experience I have had as an early careerist. The Fellowship offered a level of exposure that is not available, except to executives. Additionally the ability to be involved in high-level projects across the organization allowed me to better understand and appreciate all of the components of a health system, from corporate services to hospital operations.”
– Krystle Riley, 2012-2013