Why is a replacement hospital being built?

After several master plans and trying to repurpose or update the current facility, it was determined that the existing hospital infrastructure is fatigued and it would be cost prohibitive to upgrade or replace the current facility.

What makes this Campus unique among others in the TMC?

  • First-of-Its-Kind Medical Campus: Unlike anyother institution in the TMC, the new facility allows for nationally-recognizedtranslational research, world-renowned cardiovascular care, and leading-edgetreatments to take place on one campus, ultimately enhancing the quality ofhealthcare delivered to patients.
  • Parking/Vehicular Access: Convenient access toplenty of on-site parking for staff, physicians, patients, and visitors. Inaddition, the conveniently located campus is at the corner of Cambridge and OldSpanish Trail, near Highway 288. This provides both emergent and non-emergentmedical transport ease of access to the facility from major roadways.
  • Green Space: The new McNair Campus will offer asizeable area of green space intended to promote a healing environment, enhancerelaxation, and encourage fitness for patients, visitors, staff, andphysicians. This area will be designed in a park-like setting, complete withwalking paths and areas for meditation.
  • Care for the Whole Person: While westernmedicine has made leaps and bounds to care for the body, Baylor St. Luke’s is afaith-based organization committed to caring for the whole person—both the bodyand spirit. Our Spiritual Care department provides numerous resources forpatients, their families, and staff who desire spiritual support, including24/7 Chaplaincy services, inspirational materials, and dedicated worship andmeditation areas.
  • Patient Care Environment: The hospital’s operating room suites are influenced by SixSigma and Lean principles, which follow a linear, logical, and efficientdesign. The patient can be moved directly from the waiting area to surgery andto a post-operative care unit to recover with their family members. Theproximity of the pre- and post-operative care unit will allow surgeons andnurses to more effectively attend to all their patients.

Are parts of the McNair Campus already open?

Yes. There are existing facilities in use on the McNair Campus, including Tower 1 (Endoscopy and Radiology) and the Jamail Specialty Care Center.

When will the entire Campus be completed?

The scheduled completion date for the hospital (Tower 1 and Tower 2) and medical office building is in 2020.

Where is the McNair Campus located?

The address of the McNair Campus is 7200 Cambridge Street, at the corner of Cambridge and Old Spanish Trail.

What will happen to the current Baylor St. Luke's buildings, including the hospital tower, O'Quinn Medical Tower, and the Baylor Clinic?

The plan is to relocate all clinical patient care services to the McNair Campus, including inpatient hospital services, outpatient surgical suites, and specialty clinics. This move will occur in phases as construction is completed at the new Campus.

Plans for the existing structures are still being determined but the goal is to ensure that theses spaces remain viable and functioning assets in the heart of Texas Medical Center.

Will Texas Heart®Institute be moving to the new Campus?

Yes. Texas Heart®Institute will be moving into Tower 1 of the McNair Campus. This campus will be a place where THI physicians and scientists can work directly with Baylor College of Medicine physicians and scientists to continue the legacy of transforming the delivery of cardiovascular care through the creation of new technologies, medical devices, research, and education.

What is the total monetary investment in the McNair Campus?

The total investment in the McNair Campus will be $1.1 billion, with an estimated 916.8 million for the hospital towers and an estimated $183.3 million for the medical office building. This historic investment by Catholic Health Initiatives represents the single largest capital investment ever made into one of its healthcare systems.