Heart Scans: The Key to Unlocking Your Heart Score

A heart scan, also known as a coronary calcium scan, is a specialized, non-invasive imaging test that photographs your heart to detect and measure the exact location of a clogged artery.

The measurement of plaque build-up in your arteries will determine your individual heart score, and may enable your doctor to identify possible coronary artery disease (CAD) before you have any signs or symptoms. The outcome of your heart scan is a powerful way for physicians to predict any heart-related risks, and may indicate the need for medication or lifestyle changes.

Our specialized physicians will develop a personalized plan based on your heart score to help reduce your risk of a heart attack or avoid other cardiac problems.

To determine if you are at risk for heart disease or find out your heart score, talk to your doctor about a heart scan. Visit ApptASAP.com or call (832) 534-5001 to schedule your heart scan today.