What happens if it is determined I am a transplant candidate?

If you are accepted for transplantation, you will be placed on a national computer list of active candidates waiting for a donor. Recipients are chosen according to a complex set of criteria, including blood type, body and organ size, physical condition, age, and length of time on the waiting list. The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) coordinates the equitable sharing of organs throughout the United States and oversees all donor centers and procurement agencies.

The waiting period can range from several months to several years. Many factors are considered when matching donor kidneys to recipients. Some of the factors that affect wait time are body size, age, and antibody level.

Below are approximate wait times for our area based on the recipient’s blood type:

O blood type – 2.5 years
A blood type – 1.5-2 years
B blood type – 2 years
AB blood type – 1.5 years

The transplant coordinators must be able to contact you 24 hours a day and you must be able to get to the hospital within a reasonable amount of time once a kidney becomes available. When a donor kidney is found, you will be notified immediately and given instructions.