Who can be a living donor?

Donation does not have to be from a blood relative. Our living donor program is available to anyone who is medically and psychologically suitable for donation. A living donor can be:

  • Family, friend, spouse or coworker;
  • A directed altruistic donor (someone who donates a kidney to a specific person with whom he or she might be acquainted);   
  • A nondirected altruristic donor (someone who donates a kidney to a non-specific person on the waiting list);
  • A donor through the Paired Donor Exchange program or “Kidney swap.” This is a person who is willing to donate but is incompatible to the intended recipient. St Luke’s Hospital, sponsored by the Alliance for Paired Donation program, offers the donor and the recipient the opportunity to match one incompatible donor/recipient pair to another pair. In other words, the two donors donate to the other’s recipient. For more information, you may reach the living donor coordinator at 832-355-7061 or go to PairedDonation.org.