How can I become a living renal donor and what are the qualifications?

To be considered a potential living donor you must: 

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be free of uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes (including some instances of gestational diabetes), HIV, sickle cell disease, current malignancy or infection;
  • Not have had any heart attacks within one year;
  • Not have evidence of Hepatitis B;
  • Be in good general health, with acceptable kidney function;
  • Have a BMI of 35 or under;
  • Have acceptable anatomy for donation;
  • Not be pregnant;
  • Understand the risks, benefits and complications associated with donation;
  • Be willing to donate a kidney without monetary gain or psychological coercion;
  • Be willing to accept all blood and blood products the physician feels medically necessary;
  • Have a compatible blood and tissue type matching to the recipient as determined by blood testing;
  • Compatible blood types:

Recipient's Blood Type

Donor's Blood Type






A or O



B or O



A, B, AB or O

  • Not be incarcerated;
  • Not be an undocumented resident of the USA;
  • Be willing to consent for full disclosure of medical information;
  • Complete the renal donor evaluation to determine if you are a suitable donor. The purpose of these tests and consultations is to make absolutely certain you will not be harmed by donating.