How do I start the evaluation process?

The evaluation process begins with an appointment with the hepatologist (liver disease specialist). The hepatologist determines the medical appropriateness of an individual’s need for a liver transplant. You will also meet with the liver transplant surgeon. The surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of liver transplantation, possible complications after liver transplant, and types of liver donors available. You will meet with the financial counselor to discuss the costs of a liver transplant as well as the costs related to caring for your liver transplant. They will discuss your insurance coverage as well as costs not covered by your insurance. They will discuss options such as fund raising to help cover the costs not covered by your insurance company. You will also meet with the transplant coordinator. This meeting includes education regarding the transplant and listing process and the pre transplant and post transplant responsibilities of the patient. The transplant coordinator is your primary contact person. The dietician will review your current diet habits and recommend any needed changes. They will also assist you in maintaining proper nutrition and weight. You will also meet with a social worker to evaluate your ability to deal with the transplant regimen while waiting for a transplant and after you receive your transplant. They will also assist you in identifying your support group.