Pre-Registration – 832-534-5110

Before you are admitted, we will contact you to gather information about you and your insurance coverage. We will discuss the estimated portion of your bill that will be your responsibility. If you have not been contacted within two days of your procedure, please call Patient Access Services at the above number.

Insurance Pre-Certification

Many insurance companies require pre-certification or authorization 24 hours prior to hospitalization (even for an emergency admission). Special instructions are listed on your insurance card. You are required to contact the company before you're admitted to the hospital and before you register for any other hospital services.

Check your card. If pre-certification is required, you or a family member should call the company without delay.

Pre-Admission Process & Testing – 832-534-5160
The pre-admission process includes setting up your account, including insurance information; a nursing interview and assessment; and any required testing, such as lab services and EKG. If you are having a procedure that requires anesthesia, other tests may be required. Please call to schedule an appointment. Insurance pre-certification will speed the pre-admission process.

On the day of your pre-admission visit, please come to the main registration area of the hospital. The receptionist will escort you to the pre-admission area.

Pre-Admission Services:

Monday – Friday

8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.