Bob Baylor's Testimonial

When Bob Baylor was first diagnosed with cancer, he was given traditional radiation treatments. But in 2009, he learned that the cancer had returned when a malignant spot was found on the lower left lobe of his lung.

Bob had never heard of Cyberknife® technology, but his physicians at CHI St. Luke's Hospital told him it was a better treatment option for his lung cancer. Today, he is thankful that they did.

Cyberknife® is a robotic radiosurgery system that delivers high doses of radiation with extreme accuracy from hundreds of directions with minimal damage to surrounding normal tissue. The pencil-thin beams of radiation track and move with the tumor, allowing for a precisely focused, non-surgical treatment.

Bob's treatment consisted of four painless Cyberknife® sessions, all within the same week. Each lasted only a few hours.

Not only was he thrilled with the successful outcome, he was back to playing tennis within weeks of his treatment.