CHI St. Luke's Health–Patients Medical Center
Emergency Department
4600 East Sam Houston Parkway
South Pasadena, Texas 77505
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24 Hour Emergency Room
The Emergency Department, staffed by a physician who is an independent contractor and Board Certified offers emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . The Emergency Department provides emergency medical and nursing care for patients of all ages.

Our nurses and physicians are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

The Emergency Care Process: What to Expect


Upon arrival in the Emergency Department, you will speak with a nurse about your illness or injury. The first nurse that you encounter is called the triage nurse. The triage nurse records your reason for being at the hospital and other important information about medications you take and your past medical history. This nurse will also check your vital signs and record your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature. A seriously injured or acutely ill patient will receive treatment before patients with minor illnesses or lesser injuries.

Medical Screening
Any patient who comes to the Emergency Department requesting an examination or treatment for a medical condition will be provided with an appropriate medical screening examination to determine if he/she is suffering from an emergency medical condition. Any patient with an emergency medical condition will be given stabilizing treatment.