My battle with weight began at a very early age. The scariest experience I had was when I developed a massive blood clot in my leg. The doctors were not able to contribute the cause to anything other than weight. I realized my quality of life was deteriorating in almost every aspect. Since the surgery, I have maintained employment and can finally say my weight is not a limiting factor in my abilities to perform. I’m no longer on blood pressure medication and many others. I am grateful for the opportunities that the surgery has given to me and my relationships.

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J.T Alford

J.T. was always considered a larger-boned child. By the time he reached high school, he weighed approximately 300 pounds. At his heaviest, J.T. weighed in at 420 pounds, a weight that prevented him from engaging in almost any physical activity. On March 26, 2015, J.T. had laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery. Today, J.T. weighs 265 pounds with a goal weight of 250 pounds. He has lost a total of 155 pounds in less than one year.

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