Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, home of the Texas Heart® Institute (THI), is internationally recognized as a leader for cardiovascular care. Together, CHI St. Luke's Health and THI form one of the largest cardiovascular centers on the globe that offers a full range of specialty heart programs.

Our programs—ranging from vascular and emergency services to interventional and thoracic surgeries—feature some of the most experienced cardiovascular and cardiology specialists operating in one of the most respected research and educational settings in the world.

Why Choose CHI St. Luke’s Health for Heart Care?

  • Premier Heart Hospital. U.S. News & World Report ranked THI at Baylor St. Luke’s among the nation’s top 10 centers for cardiology and heart surgery consecutively since 1991 when the ranking began.
  • Cardiovascular History-maker. CHI St. Luke's has teamed with THI for some of the most important medical achievements in cardiovascular history—including the nation’s first successful heart transplant, the world’s first total artificial heart transplant, and effective methods of preventing heart attacks by reducing the formation of artery blockages.
  • World-Renowned Physicians. Our physicians are leaders in innovative, ground-breaking research, including the use of adult stem-cell therapy to create new heart muscle and vascular cells, testing prototypes for a total artificial heart, and improving left ventricular assist devices (LVADS), and other heart pumps.
  • Breadth of Experience.  More than 250,000 cardiac catheterizations, 115,000 open-heart surgeries, and 1,100 heart transplants have been performed.
  • International Referral Center. We treat the most complex cases. Patients, from more than 75 countries, come to Baylor St. Luke’s each year for heart care.

Pioneering cardiovascular surgeon Denton A. Cooley, MD, founded THI in 1962 for the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and chose Baylor St. Luke’s as its clinical partner. Learn more about our history and how we continue to offer the latest technology and treatment options as one of the leading cardiovascular hospitals in the world.