Established in 1992, the Cancer Center at Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center is accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons and recently received the Outstanding Achievement Award for top performance. We offer patients the best in personalized cancer care within a private hospital setting. Experienced physicians who are cancer specialists in private practice and academic physicians from Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical School at Houston employ a full range of  leading-edge diagnostic technologies and standard-of-care, effective current therapies for patients.  Hospital-based sub-specialists in pathology, radiology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine and other disciplines provide a continuum of services throughout the patient’s treatment experience.  Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center Magnet Award-winning nursing staff is compassionate, skilled, and professional.

CHI St. Luke’s Health is partnered with the Dan L. Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center (DLDCCC) at Baylor College of Medicine. As an academic-based center, the Baylor College of Medicine DLDCCC strives to identify a patient’s potential for cancer, prevent its onset, more effectively diagnose and treat the disease when it does occur, and one day, provide a cure. CHI St. Luke’s Health–Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center employs a full range of sub-specialists in pathology, radiology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, and other disciplines. Together, CHI St. Luke’s Health and Baylor College of Medicine provide exceptional patient care through compassionate, skilled, and professional service for those who need it most.