Neuroendocrine Tumor

Question:   Are any clinical trials covered by insurance?
The sponsoring company generally pays for pharmaceutical clinical trials.
Question:   Can I observe the review of my case by your tumor board?
Answer   No, to protect patients’ privacy, patients are not allowed to attend the tumor board because other patients’ cases also are presented.
Question:   Do you have a cardio-thoracic surgeon on the team?
Answer   Although there is not a cardio-thoracic surgeon on the rotation staff, one is available on request.
Question:   How do rotations work? Will I be seen by the same physician during each appointment?
Answer   Physicians rotate on a monthly basis. However, you will be seen by the physician assigned to you every time you have an appointment, unless you are referred to a different specialty. For example, if you initially are seen by an oncologist, but you need to be seen by a surgeon, the surgeon you see will depend on the rotation schedule at the time the referral is made. If you only need to see an oncologist, you will see the same oncologist every time you visit the clinic.
Question:   How long after my clinical work up will your tumor board review my case?
Answer   The Neuroendocrine Tumor Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, at which time all new cases are presented. The length of time from your clinical work up until your case is reviewed will vary, depending on when you had your appointment.
Question:   How many years of experience do your physicians have with neuroendocrine tumor cases?
Answer   Our physicians have between 10 and 20 years of experience.
Question:   Who processes the lab work for advanced neuroendocrine tests
Answer   Quest Diagnostics processes most lab work. If you desire for Inter Science Institute (ISI) to process your labs, we require two days advance notice.